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Do you want to have a smart home? we share some advantages to convince you

We have seen multiple series, cartoons and films that have perfectly reflected smart homes, since they showed what at a certain time would be the future of society with assistant robots, video calls, smart gadgets and service automation, although We still do not reach all the desired technological advances such as: flying cars, 100% clean energy and 100% smart clothing, we must recognize that we are very close to achieving it.

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Although many do not feel attracted by these advances, we must recognize that they help us save time and money (in the long term) as these technological advances help us to use that time in more important activities, but before starting to list the advantages of smart homes, a definition of it will be given and what are the devices that fall under this section.

What are smart homes?

A smart home or smart home, is a house that integrates state-of-the-art technology, so that the users of the house can live comfortably according to their needs and desires.

This cutting-edge technology that is integrated into smart homes, are all those that support people in their routines, therefore they can be included in the following groups:

  • Locks: Tools that help open, close and even lock the doors and windows of the home.
  • Appliances: Devices that collaborate so that users cook, clean, iron and fix any other object that is under the same roof.
  • Lighting: Products that give light to the rooms of the house and that are under the voice commands of the family that lives there.
  • Intelligent Assistants: Any product that is asked or asked for help to carry out a certain activity.

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Advantages of smart homes


One of the most important points that smart houses have is the comfort they provoke in people, because as mentioned previously, they make routines something simple that does not require physical effort to perform them.

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The common idea is that having more electronic devices, more light will be spent and therefore, more money will be used in it, but what is not taken into account is that being operated by the smartphone or by the voice of one same, not invest so much in it, which will cause the bill to lower its cost.

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This aspect is not that any stranger could access the home, but that all kinds of inhabitants can make use of it, such as people who have some motor disability that prevents them from moving from one place to another in a simple way; so just by pressing a button or saying a keyword you will already be controlling what happens around you.


Being smart and customizable devices, you can have peace of mind that no one can break into the home if you do not have the required permits, which are given with the voice or fingerprint of the people who live there; therefore it is complicated that a robbery to house-room is made without evidence of who was the culprit.

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