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Are you ready for the fastest internet in the world? we present you the quantum internet

The current internet services provides us with many benefits such as: communication, storage, productivity, entertainment, among many others, but also has areas of opportunity such as: speed, availability of the service, as well as security, which has not allowed to reach the full potential we could obtain from it, this unfortunately is an important and highly relevant issue, since it does not allow us to be as efficient as we would like to be.

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Some Chicago researchers are working on a prototype of the internet that plans to revolutionize the way we think about the internet, this model is called quantum internet and states that communications can be much safer and faster based on the concept of computing that carries the same name, to be able to make this project possible, and to have an internet of these characteristics, a fiber optic connection, about 45 km long, is required, which will aim to connect three research institutions in Chicago: the Argonne National Laboratory, the Fermi Lab and the University of Chicago

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This project is named: Chicago Quantum Exchange. David Awschalom, a scientist in Argonne and professor at the University of Chicago, who is the leader of this project, says that the concept of this quantum Internet is difficult to understand even for experts. "One of the unusual properties of quantum matter is that it is not possible to know the state of information until one observes it and the act of observing it changes," says Awschalom. "

In another of the most amazing (and proven properties of quantum mechanics), it is the effect of the particles that are known from the properties of one another instantaneously even if they are far away for miles. This is the quantum entanglement, a property that would allow us to send messages instantaneously, although Einstein always protested the meaning of this property.

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However, to say of a Harvard researcher, Prineha Narang, who knows the quantum issue and has nothing to do with the project, thinks that although it is a promising idea, it is at the moment something that is only in laboratories. "Fundamentally what they are doing has been done before, but now it is thought to do it at a much smaller scale and that sounds good although the problem of scale is not easy. And besides, we know that quantum technologies in the past when they try to change scale do not seem to work very well, "says Prineha.

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But things start by taking the first step. And it is understood that there are critics, but the idea of ??a quantum Internet, safer, more reliable and extremely fast, are three fundamental elements so that people feel the interest to work in this. Maybe we'll get more news soon ...