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We present the AirGig project: the most powerful internet that AT&T is developing

The internet is a fundamental service to do all our daily activities and this service comes in different presentations such as: for home, business, mobile, satellite, etc. but it is very common that you must travel with a receiver or router to receive the service, which AT & T intends to change with your new AirGig project.

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In addition, another problem that has arisen with this type of services is the use of electric cables which are becoming less functional since they are considered as cumbersome and dangerous in comparison to the "new" underground facilities that, in addition to being safer, clean the urban landscape and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

But what about using the cables that still saturate some cities (those that are not centric or in Latin American countries) to create new faster and more powerful Internet signals? That is precisely the purpose of the AT & T AirGig Project, which will use the overhead electrical network to transmit its amplified signal.

This project was presented in several countries in 2016, it would make available Internet connections of 1 GB per second and up. It is also a possibility to reduce the digital divide by using existing infrastructure even in remote and low-income settlements.

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"We are confident that we are on the cusp of a technology that could help solve the digital divide in this country," said Andre Fuetsch, president of AT & T Labs and technology director, on the implementation of this technology that is about to begin its phase of Field tests, which puts it closer than ever to its potential arrival to the public.

"The AirGig Project has enormous potential to transform Internet access throughout the world, far beyond our current broadband presence and not only in the United States" (looking at countries in Latin America and others that have similar characteristics) ), said John Donovan, Chief Strategy Office and group president, Technology and Operations at AT & T.

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