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This is the first smart bandage that could apply medications automatically

Diseases are part of human nature, unfortunately there are multiple of them and each has a different degree of complexity, but one of the most dangerous are those that cause chronic herdias, since its maintenance is constant and this in turn generates an important deterioration of the caregiver and obviously of the patient.

Fortunately, a group of scientists belonging to Tufts University in the United States, developed a bandage prototype that will allow monitoring the condition of some serious or chronic wounds that the patient is a victim of, in addition to monitoring it, it will also administer the necessary medical treatments. so that the possibilities of improving and having a complete cure are increased.

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According to the developers, these bandages will provide the right doses for each wound without having to do anything else, since it is enough to have only the respective injury.

It should be mentioned that these bandages have not been used in a clinical context, although we know that this was the idea with which they were created, since they pretend that people stop worrying if the wound can become infected due to lack of adequate care, so They will not need to be near a doctor to make the bandage change.

This bandage aims to be permanently connected to your smartphone so that you receive messages about the state of the wound and know what conditions it is in.

The new tool will supply the necessary medicines thanks to the microprocessor it has, since it will know the right time to do it for the information given by the temperature and pH sensors, as well as it will be able to track where any infection and / or inflammation is developing. to its specific biomarkers.

The complete device is attached to a transparent medical tape that forms the flexible bandage approximately 3 mm thick and the components that make it makes it disposable and inexpensive.

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Sameer Sonkusale, professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Engineering Faculty of Tufts University and co-creator of this tool, mentioned that the dressing was due to the use of flexible electronics, because without it it could not be possible to adhere it To the skin:

"We have been able to apply a new approach to bandages due to the emergence of flexible electronic products. In fact, flexible electronics have made many portable medical devices possible, but bandages have changed little since the early days of medicine. We are simply applying modern technology to an ancient art in the hope of improving the results of a difficult problem to solve. "

There is still time for bandages to be improved and tested in some hospitals to see if they are effective, but in spite of that, the simple fact of using technology to help patients makes creators be satisfied.