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One of the best creators of content left us, good trip Stan Lee

A month after his 96th birthday, famed writer, American comics editor, Stanley Martin Lieber, better known as Stan Lee, passes away according to a last minute report from TMZ, where he mentions that "an ambulance arrived at Lee's house in Hollywood Hills to take him to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he was regularly treated due to a couple of diseases that had him in a delicate situation: pneumonia and vision problems, the content creator unfortunately lost his life in the place. "

The young Stan Lee began to explore his creativity in the world of comics when, at age 20, he entered as an assistant at the publisher Timely Comics. While working on this publication, an opportunity of fate allowed him to debut with a two-page comic strip, in which Captain America was the one who saw the light for the world. Nineteen years after this great uncovering, Stan Lee came up with the first brave team, which he called the Fantastic Four.

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In 1962 the scriptwriter delves further into his work as a creator of superheroes. And from that date, Spider Man, Iron Man, X Men, Hulk, The Avengers, Daredevil and Thor, among other characters, began to emerge from his imagination, also fueled by the ideas of other creatives.

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On the screens After being captured on paper, these superheroes to whom Stan Lee gave life, were transferred to the small screen and the giant.

In addition to allowing his creations to be turned to several platforms -also to video games-, the American decided to make a presence in each of the audiovisual productions in which some of his inventions were present. His first appearance on stage was in the movie The Incredible Hulk Trial, 1989.

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Stan Lee continues to create animated superheroes, and is also dedicated since 2010 to search the world for real superhumans, in a series on the History Channel.

  • Captain America: In 1941 this American super-soldier was announced for the first time in a Timely Comics publication, entitled 'Captain America Comics # 1'.
  • Iron man: The superhero who fights to protect the world with his armor made debut in March of 1963, Since then the personage has been adapted for films and series of TV.
  • The fantastic 4: Published by Marvel Comics in 1961, this team of superpowers, who were exposed to cosmic rays, was the first to be created by Stan Lee.
  • Spider man: 'Amazing Fantasy # 15', in 1962, was the platform to make known a superman with spider qualities, which protects citizens from criminals.
  • X men: With these characters Stan Lee set out to create a group of superheroes again. In 1963, the screenwriter brought to light this mutant human team that takes care of society.

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In addition to being an unparalleled creative, on a personal level he was a person who possessed a charismatic and human personality, which influenced the world of comics in such a way that many later authors saw his way of being, as an example to follow not only on a personal level, but laborly and creatively, we can see this in extremely important details in these literary works such as:

  • The humanization of the characters, beyond their superheroic identity. For this, he insists that all his heroes must have a weak point.
  • A grandiloquent and ornate language, which in the case of articles and advertising texts, comes between self-parody and circus.
  • He gave a great freedom of movement to his cartoonists, through the so-called "Marvel method": Lee made a synopsis of the story, which passed to the artist, and then wrote the dialogues based on the finished drawing. In certain cases, this made it difficult to know what part of the story was from Lee, and what part of the cartoonist and what part was from the screenwriter.
  • Insists on calling his characters with first and last name with the same initial letter (Peter Parker, Loki Laufeyson, Matt Murdock, Stephen Strange, Dum Dum Dugan, Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom, Curtis Connors, Bruce Banner, Scott Summers, Susan Storm, Reed Richards, Otto Octavius, Green Goblin, Silver Surfer, Warren Worthington, Pepper Potts, Fin Fang Foom, Happy Hogan and J. Jonah Jameson, among others).

Within the initial note we could take a comment from his daughter JC to TMZ: "My father loved all his fans. He was the greatest and most decent man, "but this story is far from lost, as we will all keep alive the stories created by this great man, Stan Lee, we wish you an excellent trip.