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Are you ready for the future? We share some advantages of having a smart home

The smart home, begin to gain relevance in our country and fortunately it is not so expensive to invest in this type of technology, luckily, with the right applications and equipment you can prepare some routines that can really help you in your day to day and obviously They will impress family, friends and guests who visit your home, for this reason we share some advantages of having a smart home:

Control the lighting of your home and your appliances at all times

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There is a huge amount of spotlights and lighting devices on the market, ranging from warm light to dim light, inculsive some of the more advanced light bulbs such as the Philips Hue, where you can make them change color and brightness at the same time as the movies or the television programs. The effect may be the final touch for your small home theater.

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But sometimes the most important thing is to remotely control the lighting in your home, either to corroborate that they are off in your absence, or activate them in case you think that your home may be in danger, with Cox Homelife, you can control not only the lights, if not most of the appliances in your home, but that's not all.

Receive notifications when doors and windows are opened

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Sometimes we worry about the safety of our home when we are away and it is uncomfortable having to ask the neighbor to check our house in our absence, but that is not necessary anymore, since there are new devices that allow us to know in real time, who open or close a door.

The service of Cox Homelife will allow you to know those specific details by notifying you if someone opened or closed the door of your house, these small advances will make you feel more calm, in case you wait for the arrival of your children from school as you can know in what time they arrive or leave, even if a family member visits you or if a collaborator brings an order to your home.

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Watch security cameras in real tim

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Next to the previous service, this pair of products can be the perfect combo, since one will warn you when someone arrives while with this other product you will be able to know who that person is and thus be able to relax from wherever you are, be it the office, super market or even from any place where you have internet available.

These security cameras transmit live, so you will not have to resort to any recording, or stored data, but you will have the certainty of verifying if your children arrived well from school and what they do at home.

Now you can be more calm and safe, call us to give you more information about this product, or if you have more questions, leave them below.