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Do you plan to change your home and have not planned your move? we share some recommendations

It is very common that when you are about to move house, the most important questions begin ... Do I already have a new residence? How will I transport my furniture? What is the most important thing to pack? How to pack? and an endless number of questions that we do not regularly resolve and that regularly end up being more complicated than you would have imagined.

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For this reason, we took on the task of generating a list of recommendations to facilitate the transfer to your new home:

Plan the move in advance

We know that the main strategy that goes through your mind when starting a move is to "put everything in a box" and then upload all those boxes to a car, truck or carrier vehicle, but this is definitely the worst thing you can do, since that you will get too many boxes, so it is necessary to pack one month before planned and carefully keep all your things.

In general, and this is no surprise, you will want to keep things in such a way that they will not be damaged. It is also important to use a system so that your belongings are easy to find in your new home (try to organize them by theme: Christmas decorations, glassware, kitchen utensils).

Therefore, we recommend you to create a moving plan and follow it to the letter, since keeping things for an hour each night is much easier than keeping frantically for 12 hours before the moving professionals arrive.

It wraps well the things that can be broken

Wrap each covered, box or electronic device thinking you could go through a war camp since you are likely to throw or hit the boxes here and there, an infallible strategy is to send your fragile belongings in bubble wrap, kitchen towels or something similar. The idea is to leave nothing to chance. If it's important enough to take it, then it's probably worth protecting it.

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The New York Times also suggests that crockery should be placed on one side and not horizontally. You will want to separate the coffee machine from the coffee machine and also (this seems obvious to me but apparently some people do not) hold the pendulum inside the clock that you want to carry. If you want to take a large mirror, put it between two mattresses.

our services are important and you must prepare to avoid excessive charges

Regularly we tend to be too much in our belongings, which is the most important, but it is very common for us to completely forget to pay or notify our telecommunications service provider or other services, that we will terminate the consumption of your product, and this It often leads to problems that can cost us a lot.

This is why there are often times of service cut, contracts for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, and to avoid staining the credit history we recommend that you solve that issue before leaving for your new home, if you have no idea of ??the terms under which you requested your service, you can count on us to help you close this issue and if you want to continue with your service at your new address we can also help you with that situation.

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Divide things before the moving team arrives

An article in the New York Times also refers to the problems that may arise when you are moving to another site and change your roommate. Even if it's your partner or just a roommate, be sure to divide what belongs to you and what does not before the move-in team arrives and not after. It is not your job to decide who is the true owner of that table.

If you do not have everything solved ahead of time, everyone will have a headache.

Create a system to unpack

Finally, at the moment you have to unpack your bags, we recommend you keep a check, so that you are not looking in each box to find what you need, you just have to find the box with the correct number. This method also makes it very easy to know if the moving professionals have lost a box and tells you exactly what you lost.

What do you think about these tips? leave us your comments below.