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Do you know what the life time of your cell phone is? in this note we share some tips to determine it

The cell phone is an important device for us, because we work, communicate and even entertain ourselves with it, for this reason, it is very likely that you are always looking for the most up-to-date information so you would like to change your phone every year or even in less time.

This is due to the technological advances that reach the telecommunications companies, regularly launch two new high-end equipment each year, and as 3 or 4 different models of their average range in the same amount of time, which is why Sometimes we go crazy and we have an incredible desire to change equipment.

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But this does not necessarily have to be that way, since you could hold much longer than we think, so we do not have to change equipment every year, much less if the phone works perfectly, because unless it has a flaw physical or functional, then there is not much reason to get rid of our phone.

So, how often is it advisable to change equipment?

Many specialists indicate that the ideal time is 2 years, especially if you have a medium-high or high-end range (they are the most recommended since they have the best technology), and if it is also in your financial possibilities, however, with the proper maintenance a phone could even endure 4 years without giving you more trouble, especially if it is an iPhone, but in the case of Android maybe at three years you should think about making a change.

If at this moment you wonder why the iPhone is better than the Android ?, the answer is very simple, firstly because the iPhone has a period of support for updates of 5 years, plus that in our country is very likely that you can find an Apple Store near your town, or authorized distributors that can help us make a battery or screen change, which are the 2 things that deteriorate the most in a phone.

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If unfortunately the batteries are the most suffer in this life and the least likely is that it lasts 4 years in good condition, for this reason we recommend you change it at 2 years or a year and a half. While the screen could be earlier if you do not use a tempered glass mica or some other material, otherwise you could crash, break or scratch.

With Android the process of updates is about 3 years, but we know that the only manufacturer that complies is Google, from then on, although we will have 2 years of software updates.

Another point to consider is that if we want our phone to have a better life, it is also advisable to change the battery every year and a half or two years, and it is best to do it directly with the manufacturer, who will replace the elements with original parts, otherwise we expose ourselves to a malfunction or something much worse.

Likewise, it is recommended that each year you can re-establish the equipment as it came from the factory, this to make unnecessary cleaning of the elements that are staying in the equipment and only take up unnecessary space on the phone.

Hardware get old

It is true that the hardware is wearing out with use, something that some call aging, and that in turn affects the performance of the computer, and this is where the software often helps the hardware, which is why to personal taste Always Android Pure will be better than any other layer of customization.

This old age of hardware is more noticeable in the mid-range than in the high-end, however, no team gets rid of it, so if you're looking for a phone that ages in the best way, I recommend a Pixel, smartphone with Android One or a high range.

Also the equipment ages different depending on the brand, because there are many factors that intervene in the process. Huawei for example constantly says that their high-end and mid-range equipment now age much better thanks to the NPU and artificial intelligence that they include, in the case of the high-end this is included directly in the processor, and in the mid-range it is software , nevertheless, the firm says that it promises 2 years of useful life of its processor as in the first day that we use the telephone, so this may be another detail to take into account.

In conclusion, the average time to change phone without suffering is 2 years, but you can wait for 3 if you are not in such a hurry. Now, if you have the opportunity of financing through a credit card or rate plan, then take advantage of it to change your smartphone every 2 years, whatever your plan, you can contact us to share our best promotions with our Metro PCS colleagues.