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This Black Friday we share some tricks to make safe purchases online

It is very likely that all this week find madruges to take advantage of the best deals of the year, on the famous Black Friday, but fortunately that is not as necessary as before, since purchases can now be made online and even this period it extends to a Cyber ??Monday.

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It may be that this new modality does not consider it the safest, but we can say that it is extremely effective and to do it in a safe way we offer you the recommendations drafted by the Office of Security of the Internaut, these are the most important tricks that you must have account, to make secure purchases online:

Check the security data

It is important that the online store where we are going to buy has a digital certificate. That is to say, that in the upper area of ??the navigation 'HTTPS' appears, check that it has the final 's'. Make sure that company information appears (NIF / CIP, fiscal address or ownership of the company), and legal texts on the page, privacy, conditions of sale .... And of course, observe that the design of the web is not doubtful and keep in mind that in case several payment methods are announced, but in the end it is only possible to pay through one, the best thing is that you do not make your purchase.


Search for opinions

Among users we must protect ourselves, so we recommend you read the opinions of other users who have made their purchases successfully and keep in mind if the store has or the user that sells within the platform has the trust seals of the portal.


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Check the configuration

The goal is that you do not get to fraudulent stores, so for this you have your applications well configured, the browser, with extensions or add-ons that increase security, or social networks so that you do not flood of deceptive advertising in the same way we ask you to delete or close all the advertising that is deployed, one of the most effective ways is to move the cursor through the images and sales buttons and if you do not see interaction or display more information is an image.


Activate your antivirus

Check that security against malwares, viruses ... is activated and if you do not have a good antivirus, ask our vendors for our internet packages with free lincencia to protect Internet users whether normal, commercial or family use.


Find what you want to buy in advance and compare

If you are clear that you are going to buy a product on dates that coincide with promotional campaigns or sales, follow up on the product the previous days. In this way, you will be able to know with certainty if the offers are good considering the prices that they pointed out previously, in the same way go to different pages so that you can compare the prices and shipping promotions.