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With these apps you can speed up your activities in the office or at home

Office work has always required multiple activities, so usually used various office artifacts to meet each of them, either remember passwords, make presentations on flipcharts, make copies, scan documents or perform calculations in machines or even take notes about what happened in the meetings.

This regularly generated a huge problem, since it used to be a problem to coordinate the work in multiple areas and people, mainly because they were not as organized with their tasks as at the present time, the technological development helped the companies to become more efficient to unify all those tasks in packages or programs to perform various functions in one place, as we can see in the video above.

But the development continues with leaps and bounds and now this package has evolved and is now present in smartphones, which makes it even easier to have more control over everything that happens in the office at your fingertips wherever you are.

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Many people consider cell phones as a simple device used to call and send messages, but in full 2018 that is far from being true, as this tool begins to be essential for the lives of humans, because the applications that can be downloaded to facilitate the routine of users, and obviously all office workers, managers and owners of companies begin to recognize their relevance.

For this reason we share the most useful apps that you can download for your work or share with your collaborators to make the work more efficient:


It is considered a rule that always be carried out together to carry out short, medium or long term planning, since this depends on the success of the products and / or services offered; so not to be pointing everything that is said in these meetings, you can use this app that will make and save notes, documents and files easily.

In addition to that you can synchronize with the computer, so that both devices are all the photos, audios and web pages that are required.

Available in:  iOS and Android


The lists are a fundamental part to take into account what are the activities to perform or the aspects that should be taken into account to continue working, so it is important to have a good manager to help you do it and this app is just that support that it is needed, because it will allow creating a list and assigning the tasks that each of the classmates will play.

Available in: iOS and Android

Dragon Anywhere

Previously we have talked about the meetings and the notes, but when there is no time to write, the voice is the best tool that can be had, knowing this is how this application was created that allows converting recorded audios into tasks, texts and even e-mails

Available in: iOS and Android

Documents To Go

The programs of Word, Excel and Power Point are essential in any office, no matter what turn you have, so it is of the utmost importance that all employees and managers know and have access to them all the time, which is precisely what makes this app, which opens and allows it to be edited from the cell phone at the time and time you want.

Available in: iOS and Android

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Being scanned documents and files is a tedious task that nobody likes to perform, especially if you do not have the necessary devices to do it, but that may end with CamScan, an app that gives workers the option to do it from their cellular, as a functioning totally similar to taking a picture and sending it to an email.

Available in: iOS and Android


In case you do not want to scan any document and must have it in physical, you can print from the phone, obviously this will serve as an intermediary with the printer, so you should only download this app to carry it out without having to go to some stationery or printing center.

Available in: iOS and Android


The accounting of a business is an activity that nobody wants to do, but that worries everyone when the numbers do not match, however, this can be avoided if you have this tool that will allow you to have everything under control, because you can carry out payments Online, create and send invoices to customers that are scattered around the world, and calculate costs and taxes.

Available in: iOS and Android


Currently, social networks are essential for a company to be noticed, so you must have control over all of them to not send an erroneous message through a channel that is not; that is why you can use this app, which will help to manage both Facebook and Twitter, so that the same message or different messages are published at different times.

Available in: iOS and Android