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Do you already know the autonomous transport that Apple and Vokswagen are developing?

The transport is a fundamental part of our day and many companies recognize the importance of it, since this is the way in which the employees arrive at the facilities to be able to work, but this day we will talk about a curious fusion between two emblematic companies, the merger of Volkswagen and Apple.

The Titan project developed by Apple, started in early 2015 and focused on the development of an autonomous vehicle for the general public, where the apple company would develop software for autonomous driving and, subsequently, produce a small fleet of autonomous vehicles to transport their staff between offices in Silicon Valley.

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Apple sought to partner with a traditional vehicle manufacturer, along with this strategic partner would develop the minibuses PAIL (Palo Alto to Infinite Loop), as the initiative is known internally, to make public the rumor the company created by Steve Jobs refused to do statements in this regard, but despite this invitations were sent to large vehicle companies such as BMW and Mercedez Benz to work on the project, but unfortunately their requests to work on the project were rejected, until Volkswagen agreed to enlist in this cooperation.

These vehicles are planned as vans or 'combis' in which Apple will test their technology, which will not be available to the general public, and for now they will not be able to see them circulating on the streets of California, another aspect that is unknown is if Volkswagen will benefit in some way from this alliance with Apple's autonomous driving technology, that is, that future cars can go on the market to compete with Tesla and other autonomous driving vehicles but thanks to Apple's technology.

Once mentioned what we do not know we can answer the following question: What will be the contributions of Apple and Volkswagen within the project? According to information collected by The New York Times, the German company will supply Apple with the chassis, wheels and bodywork of its T6 Transporter model, while Apple will make modifications to the seats, dashboard and other elements to place all the necessary system so that it has driving autonomous

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Regarding the road safety of this project, it has been mentioned that for now these vehicles will transport employees between the Apple campuses in California, and there will always be two employees of the company in the front, one who will be behind the wheel in case You must take control of the vehicle, and another that will monitor and record everything that the 'combi' does.

According to the source, this project was scheduled to begin operations later this year, but it is likely to be until 2019 when it starts operations between Apple's campuses.