About Us

TelcoSeek is an innovative, first-of-its kind telecommunications marketplace. We are dedicated to pulling together the best local telco agents in each market and saving you the hassle of having to find them yourself. These local agents bring you the latest information on internet, television, telephony, and wireless products and services.

We understand that customers want to be able to get the best local promotions and offers from agents that understand the neighborhood and can put together customized packages. That's why TelcoSeek only works with local agents to meet our, and your, high standards for quality and trust.

TelcoSeek and its local agent partners are always here for you throughout the entire service life cycle:

  • Inquiries and research
  • Excellent offers
  • Activations
  • Billing questions
  • Customer Support
  • Add-ons, moves, and renewals

Have an agent perform a comprehensive localized research for you by choosing SALES ASSISTANCE on the menu or clicking on the PHONE button.

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